Hardwood Flooring Spring Texas

hardwood flooring spring texas

Ask Southern Mills About Hardwood Flooring!

Southern Mills Custom Builders of Spring, TX is your premier source for all of your hardwood flooring and tile flooring needs. We specialize in every aspect of hardwood flooring in Spring Texas and surrounding areas including installation, repair, and refinishing. Whether you have just moved into a brand new home or are looking to start a remodeling project, Southern Mills Custom Builders is here to help you every step of the way. We are Licensed and Insured for both Residential and Commercial. Our professional installers and expert designers are certified and have over 20 years experience and will help you select the hardwood flooring that is perfect for you. Our goal is to help you achieve the elegance and beauty in your home that you have always dreamed of.

Adding hardwood floors is an excellent way to increase the beauty and elegance of your home and can add long lasting value. At Southern Mills Custom Builders of Spring, TX, we understand how important your home is and we are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service and high quality craftsmanship.

The huge growth and success of the laminate and hardwood flooring in Spring Texas markets has unfortunately attracted a growing number of retailers, including many unscrupulous âœfly-by-night❠shops. Worse yet, there are a large number of unlicensed installers, answerable to no government authority, who are only interested in getting the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, often with ugly and shoddy results. All too often, they try to suck you in with a cheap price. But a floor is not like a TV set or a microwave oven. The best price is usually not the best value.

Free Estimates are available. Our knowledgeable representatives will bring our mobile showroom to your home so you can see the different kinds of hardwood floors that are available. By providing a vast number of options, we can help you select the perfect flooring for any room in your home. Our installers will remove any previous flooring whether you have carpet, tile flooring, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood and install your beautiful new hardwood floors with the highest level of craftsmanship available anywhere.

hardwood flooring spring texas
hardwood flooring spring texas
hardwood flooring spring texas
hardwood flooring spring texas

Q. What are some of the reasons I should choose hardwood flooring Spring Texas?

A. Wood floors are timeless and can fit any décor. They truly are an investment in your home and they enhance the perception of the overall quality of the structure. Wood floors can be restored, refinished and recoated. They can change with the time and trends. Wood floors are hypo-allergenic, natural and their easy maintenance fits the needs of the modern-day lifestyle. Wood flooring is designer's and builder's floor covering of choice. Hardwood flooring Spring Texas is also very affordable considering the durability. While other types of flooring deteriorate and wear down over time and need replacement after a few years, hardwood floors age naturally and beautifully while maintaining their original condition better and longer than other type of floor. With proper maintenance and care hardwood floors only increase in beauty and value with time, and often last the life of the home.

Q. Will I have to move out of my home while my floors are being done?

A. Probably not. In most cases furniture can be moved from the rooms we're working on into other rooms. Many people are concerned about the time and inconvenience involved in installing or refinishing wood floors. Our employees are sensitive to these concerns. We make every effort to treat your home with special care. Our employees will work as thoroughly as possible, while trying to cause as little mess and inconvenience for you as possible. We want to be able to use you as a reference for future customers and have you call us for your flooring needs for the life of your floors.

Q. Is prefinished hardwood flooring Spring Texas as good as unfinished, sanded and site finished floors?

A. Yes! Prefinished wood flooring in our opinion is as good as unfinished, sanded and site finished floors. We feel that the on-site finisher, even though he may be very talented, cannot apply finish to a floor as evenly and problem free as a factory finish can be applied. The biggest plus of a prefinished is the savings of time. No longer do you have to spend 4-5 days in disarray with the old-fashioned sanding process. Prefinished floors are installed and the homeowner is usually walking on them that same evening.

Q. Will my home get very dusty when sanding and refinishing my wood floors?

A. NO! We use a DUSTLESS sanding system. We understand the health risks associated with airborne dust and use the latest technology to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees. All sanders, buffers, and edgers are attached to a vacuum system to collect 99% of the dust produced during the refinishing process. The result is a virtually dust-free environment. We pride ourselves in the sanding and refinishing of existing wood floors; whether it be âœsolid❠or âœengineeredâ, our finishers are among the best in the industry.

Liability Protection

Southern Mills Custom Builders and all of its subcontractors retain General Liability Insurance. Certificates of Insurance are available so that our clients can rest assured that their project is covered.

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