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Southern Mills is proud to offer the custom aquarium services of Captive Aquatics to our customers! Captive Aquatics, staffed by biologists and internationally recognized aquatics experts, is the Houston area's premier aquarium design company. As Southern Mills provides only the best in quality, features, and options to our customers, choosing the expertise and knowledge of the team at Captive Aquatics was a simple one. The partnership is an exciting one, and yet another distinctive feature of Southern Mills Custom Homes.

Our customers now have the option of freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums, as well as vivariums, in any and all shapes and sizes! From in-wall aquariums to room dividers to a center focal points, Southern Mills and Captive Aquatics can create a slice of tropical reef or the natural beauty of an submerged garden: underwater worlds are now available at your fingertips! Captive Aquatics ensures that all aquariums installed are gorgeous, harmonious, and best of all, provide all maintenence to ensure your aquarium stays pristine. Nothing is more tranquil than relaxing in your home, enjoying the view of a school of tropical fish or watching a pair of clownfish nestled in an anemone!

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Liability Protection

Southern Mills Custom Builders and all of its subcontractors retain General Liability Insurance. Certificates of Insurance are available so that our clients can rest assured that their project is covered.

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